Plants vs. Zombies 3 Is Currently In Development

Plants vs. Zombies aficionados will surely like the very first Carty Is Me post. EA has just announced that the next title in the PVZ franchise is in development. Unfortunately, no other details about the game have been revealed yet. It’s just a fact that the PVZ 3 is currently in a pre-alpha state on mobile. But then again, it’s still a piece of great news for serious fans.

PopCap Games, the developer and creator franchise, is still working on the latest game. The playable pre-alpha has been launched on the Play Store so if you are interested to have a glimpse of what the game would look like, sign up now for the pre-alpha.

Plants vs. Zombies 3 Pre-Alpha

Of course, just like other pre-alpha state games, anticipate experiencing some bugs, so keep an eye out. According to reports, the number of downloads available for us, players in phases are limited. So if you’re not able to download the game at a certain point in time, just check the page the other day since downloads spots might open up for you to download it.

Electronic Arts” also says that the Plants vs. Zombies 3 pre-alpha build should not be treated as the full representation of the retail game. This build has been made for them to get feedback on combat features and other stuff as well.

Carty Is Me doesn’t know when this Plants vs. Zombies 3 will be released as of this writing, but hopefully soon.


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